Thursday, February 13, 2014

Benefits of professional pressure washing for house exteriors

Benefits of professional pressure washing for house exteriors

House exteriors are bound to get dirty. No matter the size or locality, every house goes through its usual wear and tear and need to be regularly cleaned out to keep up its appearance and value. One of the most effective and efficient methods of cleansing housing exteriors is pressure washing. Through a high-pressure streaming of water, this method of cleaning ensures that even textured surfaces are cleaned out fine.
This means that this method works effectively on surfaces like Deck restoration, or vinyl siding cleaning, as well as aluminium. What’s more, it is quick work, especially when it comes to large houses
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An ugly home exterior is not only an eye-sore for the entire neighborhood but also a prestige issue. Do you really want to be the talk of the neighborhood because you apparently cannot even keep the exteriors of your home clean? Being held responsible for owning a home that destroys the visual appeal of the entire neighborhood can also be socially detrimental. That is not what you would want out of a place where you have invested so much of your money.

Precautions to take when pressure washing

Pressure washing employs a large amount of water pressure in cleaning up house exteriors and can be dangerous sometimes. To ensure a smooth process without any unwanted accidents, there are certain precautions that should be taken while employing this method of cleaning.
-        All items that can entangle or trip the hose need to be kept well away from the cleaning site
-        That much pressure is not good for your plants; so keep them well protected during the process
-        Electrical components must be secured using fixtures to avoid any mishaps
-        Seal the house completely; no door or window should be left open

Benefits of pressure washing

Aside from the obvious factor related to the enhancement of your home’s appearance, pressure washing also spells other practical benefits for you, your family and your neighborhood. These benefits have been outlined below.

Increasing home value

Investing in a house is akin to invest in property and can mean returns for you at a later stage. When it comes to selling your house, a house which has been kept clean and well-kept exteriors is bound to have greater value than one that does not. Pressure washing can thus increase the value of your home.

Improving curb appeal

If you wish to sell your home, the exterior curb needs to look good to give off a good first impression. Cleaner home exteriors translate to heightened curb appeal as opposed to those that haven’t been maintained.

Preventive maintenance

If regularly scheduled, pressure washing can be a great way to avoid the need for expensive exterior repairs at a later stage. The pressure washing cleans up the exterior and fortifies it against any future unforeseen and foreseen problems.

Protective for your family members

The exterior of a home cannot be as easily maintained as the interior and this could sometimes lead to the growth of dangerous and even potentially life threatening issues. Bacteria and mould that grow cannot always be detected easily, which means that when you pressure wash your home you are also protecting your family from this kind of danger.

Other benefits

Unlike fixtures and repairs, pressure washing is not as expensive. As a matter of fact, pressure washing can save on a lot of everyday costs because of its preventive advantages. Pressure washing also lengthens the life of roof shingles which helps prevent the need for changing up your roof. Not only is that a timely and difficult process, it can lead to other complications for your home and future too.

Why hire a professional to do it?

These days, it is possible for anyone to pressure wash their home exteriors with the right instructions, tools and precautions. All the necessities are available in warehouse stores and with a little bit of research, the technical know-how is not tough to crack. But it is still recommended that you get a professional to do it for you. Granted, you will miss out on the pride of having done the whole thing yourself, but at the same time, you will avail the following benefits instead.

Less work for you

This way, you don’t need to learn everything- from the technical know-how to how to operating the equipment. Instead, you can just hire someone and get it done properly and effortlessly on your part with lesser mistakes.

Less room for mistakes

Well, hiring a professional means hiring an expert. An expert will minimize mistakes and maximize your gains instead. So why take the trouble of doing it yourself?


If you intentionally destroy your property, most insurance policies will not cover you. Instead, if it is a result of an accident by an expert, you don’t need to pay up more than half your savings into salvaging your home.

High quality equipment

Professionals do this for a living. Hence, they would have invested in the best equipment and the highest quality of tools. This means your home is going to get royal treatment. That is any day better than you using your tools instead.

Green technology for the betterment of Mother Nature

No need to waste water, electricity and precious resources through trial and error when you hire a professional. At the end of the day we live in a world with a fast growing population and limited resources. As residents and occupants of the earth, we need to respect what we have been given and not take advantage of it.